LedgeWizard Games is primarily the work of Adam Steppens. Keen gamer and carer for a number of fish and a springer spaniel.

Adam has been making fairly basic games for your entertainment for years now! Where have you been?

In truth, most of his creations were only ever shown to friends and family who happened to be passing. They were in various states of completion (the games, not the friends and family) and not actually available for public consumption.

In early 2009, or thereabouts, one of those friends showed him the XNA Development Toolset and he has since been throwing random ideas at his XBox 360 to see what would stick. His first real test was a Tower Defence game, uncreatively named ‘Towers’. It has recently been released for only 80 Microsoft Points. That’s about a dollar. A bargain and then some!

If the interwebs are functioning properly, he can sometimes be reached in his lair at:

adam AT ledgewizardgames DOT com