Level 12 – Marshwood – Walkthrough

Welcome to the marshlands! Land of odd looking trees, wizards and yet more bothersome monsters. Let’s get straight to saving that crystal. Super-Elweiss-MegaWizard-Go!!!

:: Tip #1 – This level moves fairly quickly. You may want to pause the game often if you’re following this walkthrough. You have been warned! Bear in mind, if you can wait a little while before building a tower then do so, you’ll save a little more mana which will help in the long run. ::

:: Tip #2 – On this level, certain monsters will ALWAYS take certain paths. Blues and reds head via the upper path. Yellows and purples (which are the faster monsters, so slows/sonics are useful here) take the lower path. ::

Wave 1 : Reds – Build Mana Tower with Effect, Build Cannon with Speed

We’ve got plenty of mana this level, but the monsters aren’t waiting around. I’d suggest finding a way to keep the mana as high as possible. To do this, we’re going to place a Mana Tower in the earliest central spot, since we’ve got plenty of mana, upgrade it now. Also, build a Cannon Tower with an added Speed upgrade.

Wave 2 : Purples – Build Cannon Tower

The initial placement of the first Cannon Tower will allow it to hit a fair number of monsters taking the lower path, but it’s far from perfect. This second tower will give it some much needed help, whilst being fairly cheap.

Wave 3 : Blues – Build Blade Tower

A well placed Blade Tower can deal serious damage to flying waves. The spot suggested in the screenshot below is a very good placement. It shoots straight down the approaching waves, maximising damage. It also shoots into our Mana Tower’s area. Awesome!

Wave 4 : Yellows – Build Gun Tower with Damage

These guys are the bane of many players. They’re weak but very fast. Probably a little too fast for your Cannon Towers to manage, but only just. Build an upgraded Gun Tower to catch any that make it past.

Wave 5 : Red – Upgrade Cannon Tower with Damage

Stronger reds needs stronger towers. Easy.

Wave 6 : Purples – Upgrade Cannon Tower with Speed

Upgrading this tower will hugely help us deal with everything on the lower path.

Wave 7 : Blues – Upgrade Blade Tower with Speed

Although your Blade Tower can probably deal with the incoming wave, we’re going to need stronger air and you might as well kill the blues in the Mana Tower’s area where possible to save some money overall on the upgrade.

Wave 8 : Yellows – Build Slow Tower

This should help stop the yellows from bouncing on through your well placed defences.

Wave 9 : Reds/Purples – Build Lightning Tower, Upgrade Slow Tower with Range, Upgrade Cannon Tower with Damage

If all is going well, your mana should be building up (and if it isn’t you’re building your towers too early). There are many things you can do at this point. We’re basically maximising the damage we can do before the path splits, so upgrade the suggested towers. The addition of a Lightning Tower will help pick off the strongest monsters and will weaken nearby monsters with its limited splash damage.

You should be able to sail through wave 10 with this set up. Depending on how your mana supply is doing, you may need to wait, or you may find you have mana to spare. It all comes down to timing. As a general rule, if you don’t need a tower yet (even if you need it just 5 seconds later), then wait before building it. UP TO THIS POINT, a tower that isn’t shooting at anything isn’t helping much.

If you do find you have a lot of spare mana, read ahead. From this point on, we’re going to start building up forces for not one, but two bosses.

Wave 11/12 : Big Reds/Purples – Build Slow Tower, Build Lightning Tower with Speed

We’ve had nothing slowing down the tip path. Build a Slow Tower to enhance the nearby Cannons, Blades and Lightning. Also upgrade that the Lightning’s speed to help pick off the stronger monsters. Building the Lightning Towers in the centre of the path will allow the to help with all but the flying waves.

If you’re a little poor, you can wait a little while to upgrade the speed. Just make sure you build it in time to catch all of the monsters.

Wave 13 : Big Blues – Upgrade Blade Tower with Damage

Easy enough. Our Blade Tower is easily capable of dealing with this with a quick damage upgrade.

Wave 14 : Yellows – Build Lightning Tower with Speed

Let’s stick with the Lightning. It’s going to help with the bosses and it’ll also do nasty things to Yellows that get caught in Slow Tower fields.

Wave 15 and Beyond : A little bit of everything…

Okay. By this point you should find that monsters are generally getting picked off fairly easily. From this point on, you’re building for a Big Red and a Big Blue boss. The best tactic now is to wait for your mana to go above 950 and then build a Lightning Tower (ideally so that it can shoot into your ‘Slowed’ areas), then wait until the mana rises again and then upgrade the Lightning Tower with Speed.

You’re generally going to be repeating this process. Ignore range upgrades. The plan is for all of the monsters to be dead well before they’re out of range.

If a flying wave is incoming, switch from Lightning Towers to Blade Towers and vice versa. The spot to the right of your existing Blade Tower shoots into the Slow Tower’s area, so it’s probably one of the best spots. I’m almost certain that you only need a couple of Blade Towers to finish the flying boss (and anything flying, before it). I built a third just incase (but I waited until the flying boss was the only thing left before I did).

If you find yourself short on Lightning Towers, bear in mind that your Gun Tower and Mana Tower aren’t going to be much help now. Also, as always, anything the bosses get out of range of can be sold. I’d build more Lightnings or Blades with the spare mana. ;)