Dodgy: Zero

Welcome back, infrequent update fans! I’ve got some news to share with you!

Today, LedgeWizard Games are proud to announce their latest creation. Dodgy: Zero.

Here’s the blurb:


Fly! Dodge! Sing! Compete with your friends! How far can you go?

In the wonderful land of Pixellia, strange things are happening. One of the inhabitants, the green pixel, Zero, is causing quite a stir.

For Zero is no ordinary pixel. Unlike the other pixels, he’s not content with just standing around quietly. Zero needs to move and Zero has to sing!

Guide him through an endless wave of opposing blocks who’s only purpose is to stand in his way and stop him from singing his song.

Compete with your friends on the leaderboards to see who can guide Zero to the furthest distance.

Will you be able to hear all of Zero’s song?


The idea behind the game was to create something with Zero actual graphics. Basically, everything is just the same single pixel drawn, stretched and recoloured all over the place to make up a game. The other ‘feature’ is that all of the sound effects are actually voiced by a real life, flesh and blood, human being. So the end result is you have a little green square who sings his way through the game, trying to get as far as he can before a block, that he fails to dodge, smacks him in the face.

It’s all fairly straight-forward and has been a good chance to test out a few ideas. We hope you’ll like it and hope to see you on the highscore boards soon!


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