Peer reviews are coming in.

Well the weekend is drawing to a close. After quite a long hiccup where new games apparently couldn’t be downloaded due an error somewhere in Microsoftland (booo), we’re now starting to see some passes (as opposed to fails).

I’ve no idea how many people need to pass your game, but as that progress bar creeps up (currently at 25%) it’s both incredibly encouraging and a little bit scary (as one fail means a delay of at least a week and generally more). We might have a game heading out into the big wide world soon!

I’ll keep you posted here, at the centre of world beating XBOX 360 entertainment, ;)

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5 Responses to “Peer reviews are coming in.”

  1. John Banon Says:

    How’s progress?

  2. Adam Says:

    66% last time I checked.

    Probably just need a handful of reviews now.

  3. John Banon Says:

    Very nice, are you aware or Gravatar. it’ll give your icon a face.

  4. John Banon Says:

    I meant ‘of’ rather than ‘or’.

  5. Adam Says:

    Yeah. I’ll get an icon sorted soon.

    75% now by the way.

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