The New XBox 360 Dashboard + A favour to ask!

Sorry about the recent lack of information. Life has been hectic recently for me, so work on games has been a little more infrequent than I’d like.

The good news is that things are taking shape, with at least half of the new towers now in place. Plenty of game balancing is yet to come, but to give a few quick examples, the Fire, Ice, Quake, Seeker and Sonic-Link towers are now playable in the new levelset. Hopefully, I’ll have some rough screenshots to show soon, once I’ve got things a little less rough looking.

In other news, the new dashboard/interface has arrived on the 360. I’m not sure when, because I wasn’t paying attention, but according to the game development forums, the indie games are hidden away a little too well, so there’s been an initial drop in sales for many people, including some of the most popular games judging from the numbers that have been reported. On the bright side, they’re made it so that a larger number of games are now visible. The jury is currently out on whether this change is going to work out well for the service.

Towers itself is doing quite well in the strategy category (and has been for some time now), with a fairly strong rating and a not-too-bad number of downloads. It could obviously be doing a little bit better as, according to the stats that I can gather, we’re just a tiny way outside of the top rated list in a number of countries. So if you love Towers, feel free to show your appreciation with a nice shiny rating. If you don’t love Towers (ouch!) then feel free to rate up another game you quite like instead.

Incase you were wondering, that was the favour bit of the presentation. So you can stop worrying! I wasn’t going to ask if I could borrow your car, or if you could feed my fish for a few days or anything like that.


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7 Responses to “The New XBox 360 Dashboard + A favour to ask!”

  1. A1CBrandon4489 Says:

    Posting this in the completely wrong section, but wanted to say I just sat through the credits for the first time. Funny. After all this time that I owned it I never bothered to check. That is one really long credits screen. How is development coming? Any set date for Towers 2? Oh. And rated 5 stars by me.

  2. hilleris08 Says:

    I LOVE TOWERS!!! rated 5 star!!!!!! when are you coming out with a 2?? would love to see more maps!!

  3. Lisa Says:

    Hi again. I just got a new Xbox after not having one for a while and the first game I played was Towers! I am having difficulty with ‘The last crystal’ level. I can get to the last baddies (huge yellow ones) but only manage to take off half the life on the first one before it kills my wizards. A walkthrough for this would be great if you have the time.

    I also rated the game with 5 stars.

    I had noticed that the Indie games were a little out of the way when I was browsing.

    Hope to see Towers 2 soon.

  4. Lisa Says:

    Just managed to complete the level I was having difficulty with.

    Yay me.

  5. Adam Says:

    Oops. Sorry Lisa. I caught your comments a bit late. Thank you so much for the rating!

    Just so you know. Towers 2 is still on the cards. I just need to stop getting distracted by other random things. :)

  6. Lisa Says:

    Not to worry. It gave me a challenge.

    I’m now trying to get 20/20 on all levels. Currently on 354/400. :D

    I really enjoyed Towers and play it every time I turn the Xbox on. Great game.

  7. Randal Says:

    Congratulations on completing that level, Lisa! It only took all of 10 days for you.

    Waiting for your screen shots, Adam :)

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