Where have you been?

Posted in Development, Towers on March 14th, 2011 by Adam

Wow! I think that’s a new record for not updating this website.

First off, sorry for not replying to your emails and for not catching up with the latest comments! A combination of a ton of spam and an email breakdown led to me only catching up with some messages very recently. I’ve now cleared everything up, fixed everything in the background and everything is much better.

To save time, I’m going to be ambitious and cover virtually every comment and question I’ve been asked in this post.

Firstly, to those who gave towers a 5 star rating. You are truly awesome and I am incredibly grateful.

I’ve had a couple of comments about the credits. Thanks again. I always wondered if someone would ever read them all! My brother, John, put together a very quick song to shove in the background, which was way way way (way way) longer than I’d written credits for, so I extended them to fit.

I’m sorry to say that Towers 2 development has slowed down a lot recently due to my hectic workload and personal life. It’s still ticking along, but I’m not finding a lot of time to work on it. Also, I’ve spent a tiny bit too much time working on random bits and pieces that may or may not be pieced together into a completely different game. Sometimes, it’s nice to just try out ideas. But that’s for another article.

Most of the new towers work, infact it would be more accurate to say that they all just need balancing now and some graphical tidy up. I’ve got more than enough level designs and drawn most of them up in rough form. It’ll all need balancing and testing which is going to take a big chunk of time with so many towers to balance out (but luckily, I have many volunteers, ready to help). A lot of time was spent with the first game, trying to make sure that no particular tower seemed too incredible compared to the others in most situations (which I think we nearly got right, but we’ve already made some balance changes in the existing towers for the second game – by replacing certain towers with upgraded variants).

The other big change that I’ve been working on is the story elements. The current plan (because things tend to change) is to have a small story section between each level, where the various characters do their bit. Due to my ‘limited’ art style, this has gone a few different ways in attempting to get something that I’m happy with. At the moment, it’s looking like they’ll usually be 2 or more characters having a conversation, moving the plot along.

Speaking of characters, Elweiss is more of a background character in the second game and there’s a lot more from the different coloured wizards. No idea how the endings are going to work yet (after having 10, it almost seems cheap if I make less in the sequel).

Anyway, time permitting, hopefully there will be more news in the not too distant future.