Everwinter Trail – Some Tips

Posted in Towers on June 13th, 2010 by Adam

Under Attack

People seem to be buying Towers and the general feedback is positive. However some people have expressed concerns that level 6 – Everwinter Trail – is a bit on the tough side. This is the level that introduces the Blade Tower and the larger flying monsters.


  • The right hand side of the level has the widest section of path, so isn’t ideal for most towers. You’ll most likely find that your towers can be more successful on the path section along the bottom half of the map
  • The Blade Tower is one of the most useful towers on this level. Try to save your money to upgrade it in time to hit the large flyers. Note that a well placed Blade Tower can devastate multiple units in a row, so experiment with good placement positions.
  • The small yellow monsters and speedy purple monsters on this level can be numerous. The best thing you can do to make these waves easier is to slow them down, at this point they’ll be closer together and more susceptible to splash damage attacks like those from Lightning Towers and in particular Cannon Towers .

Finally, we have an update in progress that will allow individual levels to be played at an easier difficulty, to allow people to get past tougher levels and unlock later levels (which can then be played in either difficulty). As well as this, Everwinter Trail in particular will receive some updates to make it a little less of a difficulty spike.

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